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The Home Theater Furniture Every Movie Buff Should Have

Invest in Custom Seating, AV Cabinets and More that Are Shaped by Your Needs

The Home Theater Furniture Every Movie Buff Should Have

Your home theater is meant to harbor you and your family during hours of entertainment, which means your furniture should be a top priority. To ensure optimal comfort for long stretches of time and the best viewing experience for everyone in the room, consider customized seating from leading furniture brands like Salamander and Fortress.

What’s more, you can also personalize the theater or media room in your Phoenix, AZ home with stylish AV cabinets that conceal components while providing proper ventilation, dual-purpose ottomans that transform into additional seating, and end-tables that offer storage space.

Read on to learn more about these quality furniture solutions that complement any home theater system and scale to living rooms and media rooms, too.

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Custom Theater Seating for Longtime Comfort

Signature seating by both Salamander and Fortress is ergonomically designed for comfort over long stretches of use. Each solution provides strategic head, lumbar, leg, and foot support—alleviating body aches and neck strain whether you’re relaxing in an upright or reclined position.

Choose from a wide range of leather and plush recliners, modular sectionals, loungers, chaises, and sofas that go beyond aesthetics to not only enhance the comfort and beauty of your theater room but offer the best viewing experience possible from anywhere in the room.

Whether you decide on a standard model or want to design your seating from scratch, all furniture is built-to-order. Explore a variety of styles, materials, sizes, and finishes to create the ideal solution for your home space. You can also add fun accessories like matching pillows, swivel tables, illuminated cup holders, and more.

Modular AV Cabinets for Style and Ventilation

Entertainment center cabinets are the control center for your home theater or media room AV components. But quality AV cabinets by Salamander go beyond housing your equipment. Rather, they’re specifically designed to manage cables, mitigate overheating, and enhance sonic performance.

Whether you choose a contemporary, traditional, or transitional cabinet design for your home, each unit features vibration dampening construction, ventilation for your electronics, and an exposed rear opening for proper cable routing, giving you the durability you want and functionality you need.

Styles range from on-wall cabinets and integrated speaker cabinets to corner cabinets and more—each in a variety of colors and finishes. Every style is modular-friendly and can be reconfigured as your needs and technology change.

Dual-Purpose Ottomans and End-Tables

Great for smaller home theaters or media rooms, the space-saving JumpSeat ottoman by Salamander unfolds into a comfortable theater chair with a padded seat, backrest, and cup holder. When not being used as a chair, the JumpSeat is a lush footrest. Choose from a combination of stylish leathers and fabrics.

End-tables are the perfect complement to any seating arrangement, adding extra surface space for snacks or other items while providing hidden storage under the top. Go monochromatic with matching end-tables for your theater seating or choose a contrasting color or material for added flair.

To learn more about professional-grade home theater furniture solutions by Salamander and Fortress, reach out to our AV experts at Wipliance! We can help you select the perfect seating style, cabinet design, and more to optimize the comfort and functionality of your home theater or media room.

Connect with us by filling out our online contact form or sending us a live chat below now. We look forward to assisting you!

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