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Traveling Again? Keep Watch Over Your Home with Control4

Work with a Control4 Home Automation Company to Put Peace of Mind at Your Fingertips

Traveling Again? Keep Watch Over Your Home with Control4

Are you ready to start traveling again this season? If you’re like most of the world, you’re looking forward to getting out of the house and vacationing with friends and family. It’s time to have fun! Plus, with Control4, you can shed some stress by checking in on things at home from wherever you are.

Whether you want to keep tabs on your primary residence while on the road or manage your vacation home—or both, Wipliance can deliver a personalized Control4 system that lets you monitor and control your lights, locks, security cameras, thermostats, and more from anywhere.

Read below to discover how Control4 grants you peace of mind while you travel, then partner with our home automation company to bring the power of Control4 to your Phoenix, AZ property.

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Remotely Manage All Your Devices

Using the Control4 app on your smartphone or tablet, you can quickly check in on the state of your home and adjust anything while you’re on the road, on the beach, or in the mountains—as long as you have an internet connection. Check out a few of many actions you can take remotely:


  • Lock or unlock your doors, and open or close the garage.
  • Arm or disarm your security system.
  • View live and stored security camera footage.
  • Turn on the porch and foyer lights for the babysitter.
  • Turn on landscape lights for increased security after dark.
  • Adjust the thermostats to energy-efficient temperatures.


Receive Alerts for Any Activity

While Control4 makes it easy to look in on your home around the clock, you won’t always be checking everything while enjoying your vacation. Instead, lean on alerts that let you know as soon as an event occurs or when something isn’t right. Check out a few of many events you can be alerted to:


  • Visitors or family members enter or exit your home.
  • Motion is detected in a certain area indoors or outdoors.
  • The liquor cabinet has been opened.
  • Someone adjusts the thermostat.
  • Someone rings your video doorbell.
  • A window is left open, or a door is unlocked.
  • Lights are left on after a period of time.


Simulate a Lived-in Home

While Control4 can notify you of activity happening around your property, leaving home for a while can still add stress to an otherwise relaxing vacation. For more peace of mind, take advantage of Control4 Mockupancy. Mockupancy is an occupation simulation feature that replays your everyday behaviors while you’re away to persuade outside observers that you or someone is home.

Control4 can keep track of your lights, motorized window treatments, and entertainment patterns while you’re home and simulate them when you leave. Lights will turn on and off at expected times, TVs will turn on in the evening and off before bed, and shades will open in the morning and close at night.


Travel Easier with Control4

Ready to travel easier this season? Control4 maximizes your comfort, convenience, and peace of mind by keeping you connected to your home no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Work with the home automation experts at Wipliance to bring Control4 to your property.


To learn more or get started, contact us here or message us in the chat box below to schedule a free consultation! We look forward to hearing from you.

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