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5 Features to Love about Lutron’s New Triathlon Wood Blinds

These Custom Window Treatments Present the Perfect Light at Any Time of Day

5 Features to Love about Lutron’s New Triathlon Wood Blinds

Natural light does wonders for your home. As it enters through your windows, it instantly energizes your space and can even help lift your mood! Sadly, many homeowners leave their blinds closed most of the time and miss the opportunity to harness the power of natural light.

What if your blinds could adjust for you instead? When you choose Triathlon wood blinds by Lutron, they can! These custom window treatments automatically tilt to preset angles throughout the day to maximize comfortable daylight. And that’s just one reason you’ll love these smart wood blinds!

Below, explore five features that make Lutron Triathlon wood blinds a must-have for your Fountain Hills, AZ home.

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Natural Light Optimization

Lutron wood blinds feature Natural Light Optimization, an advanced technology that enables your blinds to automatically tilt throughout the day based on the sun’s position on your home.

Let’s look at an example: At sunrise and sunset, natural light on the eastern and western sides of your home can be intense. Lutron wood blinds fix this problem by tilting to minimize sun glare. At the same time, the blinds on all other sides of your home will open to take advantage of indirect natural light!

As the sun gradually moves from east to west, your blinds will tilt accordingly and then quietly close after dusk to give you privacy and peace of mind. With Lutron wood blinds, you’ll never have to worry about touching your blinds again, thanks to automatic scheduling that adjusts with the seasons.

Furnishing Protection

While natural light energizes your home, harmful UV rays can discolor and fade your art, floors, and furnishings. Lutron wood blinds help protect your interiors from damaging UV rays by automatically adjusting to Fade Fighter position as the sun moves across your home. This intelligent feature diffuses direct sunlight while preserving your outdoor views—with no effort required by you!

Custom Control and Scheduling

Homeowners don’t have to leave their blinds on an astronomical schedule if they don’t want to. Instead, custom schedules might work better for your needs! If you want to prioritize privacy or let in more natural light into a certain room, you can personalize each blind to their own schedules.

Beyond schedules, easily control the tilt of your blinds using a handheld remote, mobile app, or voice command. Lutron wood blinds are also cordless and feature a carefully designed bar for easy and precise manual lift when you want to raise your blinds or pull them down.

High-Quality Finishes

Lutron wood blinds are as beautiful as they are smart. Handcrafted from North American basswood, these blinds add a classic warmth to your home’s aesthetic. Choose from several painted and stained finishes, from Arctic White to Mist Grey, Red Mahogany, Dark Walnut, and more. Lutron wood blinds also come with two valance styles that can be painted or stained to match the finish of your blind slats.

Industry-Leading Battery Life

A great perk for interested buyers living in finished homes is that Lutron Triathlon wood blinds can be installed just like regular wood blinds, with no wiring required. Wireless options are powered by off-the-shelf Alkaline D or Lithium AA batteries and operate anywhere from three to five years without battery replacement! However, if you’d prefer hardwired wood blinds, those are available, too.

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Wipliance is a Diamond Elite Lutron dealer and would love to help design and install the perfect Lutron wood blinds for your home. To start your project, book a free consultation by contacting us here or sending us a message in the chat box below! To learn more about our Lutron offerings, check out our Lutron lighting and shading page.

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