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Looking for Ways to Enhance Your Home Theater Design?

Get Creative with Custom Furniture, Hidden Tech, and Smart Room Control

Looking for Ways to Enhance Your Home Theater Design?

While any dedicated home theater should feature an immersive video display and power-punching speakers, what truly makes a home theater impressive isn’t the electronics alone – it’s the design. A proper home theater design facilitates comfort, is free of clutter, and makes controlling your electronics simple, among other factors.

Not satisfied with the home theater or media room in your Bellevue, WA home? Read below for some creative ways to enhance the design of your entertainment space.

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Get Cozy with Custom Theater Seating

Most dedicated home theaters feature traditional high-back chairs like those in commercial theaters, while media rooms typically feature couches and recliners like those in living rooms. The problem with traditional high-back chairs? They don’t offer a lot of design versatility. The problem with couches? They’re not made for longtime viewing comfort.

AV furniture brands like Fortress and Salamander put this issue to rest by offering custom theater seating that’s both beautiful in design and comfortable for hours-long movie marathons. You’ll receive the needed head, lumbar, and foot support while styling your home theater or media room with seating beyond traditional high-backs. Choose from modular sectionals, loungers, sofas, or even design your furniture from scratch.

Reduce the Clutter with Hidden Tech

While many audio enthusiasts scout for speakers that impress both the ears and the eyes, not all homeowners want stately loudspeakers taking up space in their home theater or media room. If that describes you, then you should consider in-wall and in-ceiling surround sound speakers instead. These discreet speakers mount flush with your surfaces and still deliver a powerful performance.

You don’t have to stop at speakers either. Motorized projector screens can smoothly retract when not in use to reveal artwork or clean wall space. Additionally, TVs can conceal behind furniture or walls with motorized lifts or double as beautifully framed mirrors or artwork when not in use.

Keep Control Simple with Home Automation

A proper home theater design doesn’t just elevate comfort and style. It also enhances the user experience. What good is it to have a home theater or media room that’s difficult to control? Your AV system consists of many components that need to be turned on and adjusted before you can relax and watch a movie. Instead of hassling with a bunch of remotes, make it easy with home automation.

When your home theater system is integrated into your home automation system, you’ll only need one controller to command all the technology in the room. Whether from a dedicated touchpad, your smartphone, or a handheld smart home remote, you can create the perfect movie-watching experience with a button tap. Not only will your home theater system power on, but your lights will dim, shades will close, and thermostat will lower to create a movie-watching experience that rivals or betters the nearby cinema.


Don’t go through life in a lackluster home theater or media room. You deserve the best. Wipliance would love to help you create the perfect home entertainment space. To learn more about our services, schedule a free consultation with us or send us a live chat below to speak with a team member today!

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