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The Home Improvement Solution You Need in 2020

Refresh and Refocus in the New Year with Palladiom Motorized Window Treatments by Lutron

The Home Improvement Solution You Need in 2020

It’s that time again - time to set goals for the new year. Maybe you’d like to improve your health and wellness, spend more time with loved ones, or help the planet by reducing your carbon footprint. There are many ways to tackle these resolutions, but we know a smart home solution that can help you achieve all these goals and more: motorized window treatments.

Not only can motorized shades help you foster a healthier home, make more time for family, and save on energy costs, but Palladiom motorized shades by Lutron can add beauty and value to your Phoenix, AZ property, too. Discover below how Palladiom motorized shades can help you take on 2020.

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Foster a Healthier Home with Natural Light

Natural light does wonders for our health and wellness, but we’re spending more and more time indoors. Our bodies crave the sun for energy and restfulness. The intensity and color temperature of sunlight throughout the day not only helps to regulate our biological clocks, but it helps improve our moods.

With motorized shades, you can program your window treatments to adjust to an astronomical timeclock to take advantage of natural light when you need it most. At sunrise, the shades in your commonly used rooms can lift in tandem to instantly flood natural light into your home and help you start your day. In the evening, your shades can then lower on their own with the fading sun.

See the beautiful Palladiom motorized shades in action in this one-minute video:


Make More Time for You and Your Family

Smart home technology solutions like motorized shades are designed to make life easier so you can focus more on doing the things you love, like spending time with family. With designer in-wall keypads, a smartphone app, or even by voice, you can command all your shades to lift and lower in just a tap.

The ability to automate a repetitive and tedious task like adjusting window treatments saves you lots of time during the day and night, eliminating the need to make lengthy rounds throughout the home to lift and lower shades and drapes. With the press of a button, Lutron does it for you so you can continue enjoying time with your loved ones.

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Do your part for the planet in the new year with motorized shades, which help lower your dependence on electric heating and cooling and therefore help reduce your carbon footprint. Motorized shades help warm and insulate your home during winter and block solar heat gain during summer so you can better conserve energy.

Integrate temperature sensors with your motorized window treatments that trigger your shades to lift or lower once the sensors detect a specific temperature in the room. You’ll enjoy automatic energy savings with complete hands-off control.


Add Beauty and Value to Your Property

While there are many brands and styles of motorized window treatments on the market, Palladiom shades by Lutron stand above the rest in beauty and innovative engineering to add elegant style to any unique home.

The pinnacle of sleek design and modern luxury, Palladiom shades and partnering designer keypads represent masterful artistry like never before within the Lutron line of motorized shading solutions.

All Palladiom shades are available in a wide variety of fabric types, including sheer, translucent, and room-darkening materials. Likewise, all hardware is available in several refined finishes, such as pure white, satin nickel, black anodized, and clear anodized.

Start the new year right with smart technology that fosters a happier, healthier, and more efficient home. Our team at Wipliance can help you upgrade your home with Lutron Palladiom shading solutions today. Get started by contacting our team here or sending us a live chat below now. Let’s create a better new year together.

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