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4 Convenient Ways to Control Your Motorized Window Shades

From Mobile Apps to Voice Control to Keypads, Control Is Always Intuitive

4 Convenient Ways to Control Your Motorized Window Shades

Motorized shades are among some of the most convenient and versatile smart home solutions, making them a must-have for any modern homeowner. Whether you’re looking for a smarter way to cool your home, elevate your décor, or increase your privacy, motorized shades tick all these boxes and more.

Much like the functionality of motorized window shades, controlling them is also convenient and versatile. Because no day is the same, it’s important that your home technology offer various control options that fit different situations and preferences. For instance, while a mobile app may be best when you’re away from home, voice control may be better when you’re cooking in the kitchen.

Below, discover four convenient ways to control the motorized shades in your Mesa, AZ home.

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Mobile App

When your motorized shades are integrated with a home automation system like Control4, you have the convenient option of controlling your shades from your iOS or Android mobile device. Gain quick access to specific rooms or the entire house and adjust your shades in just a tap. Mobile app control is a great option for when you’re not home and want to adjust your window shades from afar.

You can also command your motorized window shades with the Lutron Connect app for iOS or Android if your shades are integrated with a Lutron home control system like Caséta, RadioRA 2, or HomeWorks QS. Of course, this option is exclusively for Lutron motorized window treatments.

Voice Control

Because Control4 and Lutron integrate with popular voice control assistants like Amazon Alexa, you can control your shades with a simple voice command. Enjoy hands-free control from any space in your home where there’s an Alexa device nearby. Then just ask Alexa to open the bedroom shades, lower the kitchen shades, or set the living room shades to 50 percent. Voice control is an easy option for when your hands are full or if your mobile device is out of reach.

On-Wall Keypads

Some homeowners enjoy the convenience of traditional on-wall controls, which work well when entering or leaving a room. Keypads offer easy and sophisticated shading control in a particular space. You can also combine lighting and climate control within the same keypad for even more convenience.

Keypad configurations are vast and can be personalized for your home. Lutron offers a variety of wireless and wired designer keypads in different styles and finishes for new construction and retrofit applications. Enjoy tactile buttons that feature LED backlighting and custom engraving too!

Preset Schedules

If your routines are usually the same every day, then why not set your motorized shades to a schedule? They’ll rise and lower on their own so you never have to lift a finger. For instance, program the shades in your commonly used rooms to open at 7am, lower to 50 percent at 3pm, and close at 8pm. You can also set your shades to lift and lower with the sunrise and sunset. Additionally, temperature sensors can trigger your shades to close when rooms get too hot. That’s smart home automation at its finest.

Ready to add motorized shades to your home? You’ll marvel at the variety of styles, fabrics, materials, and colors available to you—including fully customized window treatments. To learn more, connect with our home technology professionals by filling out our contact form or sending us a chat below.

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